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A Sunny Focus on kindness

Today I’m inviting you to join me in focusing on kindness. Kindness is what makes life worth living. It carries us through the tragedies of life, and lifts our spirits higher even when life is pretty darned good.

An interesting thing about kindness is that it’s often quiet. Examples of quiet kindness are things like:

  • Your best friend making sure they have your favorite soda pop at their apartment even though they don’t drink it.
  • A server lowering the window shade at a restaurant because they notice the sun is in someone’s eyes.
  • A stranger handing you a five-dollar bill you dropped instead of putting in in their own wallet.

Events like these happen every day, but they happen quietly. When you notice them, you might feel a spark of happiness. Faith in humanity is restored. And then, because life goes on, it slips out of your awareness.

Unless an act of kindness is big and splashy, it won’t make the news. It won’t even make the grapevine.

I mean, really. Imagine this:

“Did you hear about how Mitch waited an extra minute in the door yesterday? Kelly’s hands were full of boxes, so Mitch stayed there holding the door open even though he didn’t have to!”

That comment would be unusual in the extreme. In fact, it would probably earn the speaker an odd look and a reputation for being bizarre.

By contrast, a conversation about how Mitch had let the door close in Kelly’s face would be considered normal water cooler chat. People would nod knowingly or shake their head at the general decline of manners these days.

Raising awareness of garden variety kindness, then, is a tricky business. And yet, I believe we must.

Don’t worry. I’m not proposing measures that will get you labeled as the office weirdo. Being called into HR because you’re making people uncomfortable is not the goal.

The actual goal is to contribute to a world where faith in humanity is not so desperately lacking. I promise you that kindness is there to be found — every day, even in unexpected places.

When you look for kindness, you will find it. And when you do, take note. Thank people. Tell your friend about it. Think about that kindness for sixty seconds before you turn on the TV in the evening.

What you water, grows.

Let’s grow kindness. Brightest blessings, Sunny


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