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Where’s the fun in that?

When I started this blog, I was a woman on a mission. My mission was to help people be as…

12 life lessons learned in my garden part two

Last week I wrote about the first six of twelve lessons from my garden. Originally I intended to post all…

12 life lessons learned in my garden

Part one of two Gardening season has begun in earnest around chez moi. Between the upswing in temperatures and my…

The struggle is real

Once upon a time (last week), I wrote about how important it is not to “read minds.” When you think…

Fear sells but we are not obligated to buy

Easter morning, 2019. The day was lovely, I was well-rested, and feeling as though all was right with the world….

Every end is a beginning as well

And the beginnings and endings are meaningless without their “befores” and “afters” Monday was an emotionally trying day in my…

Somebody come and play

When adults don’t fill their reserves of joy with playful activities, they can find themselves going through the motions. Play is good for all people.

Do vacations make you happy?

This post was written ahead, to be published while I am away on vacation with my husband. As I was…

Why I love today even though it sucks a little

Or how I made myself look at things from the other direction Today has not been a good day. It’s…

Everybody wants to save the world and I am no exception

Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” With all the respect due the late Mr. Tolstoy, I am not everyone, nor am I no one.

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