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Category: Comfort zone

Getting your house in order

Getting things in order is a frequent topic here in this blog. Whether it is clutter in my kitchen, clutter…

Fear sells but we are not obligated to buy

Easter morning, 2019. The day was lovely, I was well-rested, and feeling as though all was right with the world….

Everybody wants to save the world and I am no exception

Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” With all the respect due the late Mr. Tolstoy, I am not everyone, nor am I no one.

The value of you

Instead of simply mooing with the herd, value yourself for who you are. From early childhood we are trained in…

Stop the cycle of feeling overwhelmed using these two words

Have you ever wanted to do something only to discover that actually starting seems impossible? You want to do XYZ,…

The difference between comfort and happiness

Are you actually happy with your decisions or is it that you are more comfortable with them than you would…

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