Quietly, then louder and more persistently, and finally as a shout from every direction, I’ve gotten the message that I need to put my past failures aside, let go of my need for control, and reach out to anyone who can help me.

I’m trying to figure out where to start – I have so many things I want to say; some of which I’ve been wanting to say for a long time. All of a sudden, from every corner of the Universe, I’m being shouted out that now is the time.

Here are a few short facts about me to get started:

I have anxiety. (Yes, “real” anxiety, diagnosed, panic attacks, mild anxiety, generalized anxiety, sudden anxiety for no apparent reason, and sudden anxiety for every apparent reason.)
I struggle with depression. At times it has been crippling, and those who have experienced such a thing know the truth in the words “crippling depression.”
I am an optimist. (Yes, it is possible to have depression and anxiety AND be an optimist.)
More than anything else, I want to help people feel better. This has been something of a defining characteristic for as long as I can remember.
I have tried many different things, work-wise, and I now blog about happiness and how people can see it and bring more of it into their lives.

I don’t always succeed.
Sometimes I fail so badly I wish I could rewind.

So yeah, there I am, right up there, seven line-items. I’ve been humming along with my life (sometimes anxiously) trying to tackle all that I’m doing more or less single-handedly. This afternoon, however, I was smacked HARD with a message from three different, completely unrelated sources: It’s TIME to speak up. I know what it’s like to live with depression and anxiety. I know that sometimes people are in a place where they are so deeply mired in anxiety and depression that they cannot grasp control over their situations without professional help, TONS of personal support, and preferably both. “Positive thinking” and cheerful memes won’t cut it.

I also know that there are people on the spectrum of depression, anxiety, helplessness and hopelessness that are able to take more control and help direct themselves into a happier, less stressful place. I’m not fully invested in the concept that you ‘simply’ choose to be happy, but it is usually possible to choose a path that will lead you closer and closer to happiness. You won’t be happy all the time. Anyone promising such a thing is (in the wise words of the Dread Pirate Roberts) selling something.

The reason I write my blog (and stumble my way through social media, and read tons of books, and look up quotes, and spend hours taking, editing, and formatting pictures), is not to sell someone eternal happiness. The reason is that it truly is my heartfelt desire to help those people who want to make changes, who are in a position to make changes, and don’t necessarily know how, or who need reminders of things they already know but have forgotten to apply.

I’ve been afraid to ask people to share my blog, or even read my blog, because some of the things I have tried on a business front have been a turn-off. I’ve lost friends by following “marketing advice.” I look back at my memories on Facebook and even I cringe at my posts. Today, it’s different. Today I’m not selling someone else’s product, no matter how much I like it. I’m not out here simply trying to supplement my family’s income. I’m here because I have things to say that I believe can help people.

So please. If you are someone who might be able to make use of my lessons, or if you know someone who might be able to make use of my lessons; if you want a peek into the mind of someone who struggles but refuses to stop trying and learning and striving for choices that can make it easier and more habitual to experience happiness; if you aren’t any of those things, but you dig the concept on principle and think you might have advice to offer that would help my message reach the right audience; I’m asking now for your help.

Please take a moment to check out my Facebook page, my Instagram, Twitter and especially my blog, or to share them with your circle of people. Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” With all the respect due the late Mr. Tolstoy, I am not everyone, nor am I no one. I try to make changes to myself all the time to improve where I am, what I’m doing, and how I impact the part of the world I touch. Having been privileged with the time and resources not only to receive professional treatment AND have overwhelming personal support, but also to be able to spend the time and money on a website of my own, I feel it is my obligation to share what I can with anyone who can make use of it.

If you’re in the luckiest one per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent.

Warren Buffet

If you can help me, please help me. And to everyone who has already done so, bountiful thanks. To everyone who is unable to do so, I understand. To anyone who thinks the whole thing is a giant crock, I respect your opinion, even if I disagree.

Brightest blessings to all, Sunny