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Friendship, dogs, mail, and other happy things

A funny thing happened on the way to my post this week.  Well, it was a lot of things, really.  The funniest one, I’m sad to say, was the dishwasher leaking water all over the kitchen and into the basement. While I have a lovely draft waiting to be polished and prettied, it’s not ready to roll.  We plan, God laughs, right?  I’m no Marine (hahahahaha the mere thought of a pullup makes me weep) but I like their motto: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome.  I have also recently adopted my own motto: Control what you can control.

I can’t control when the dishwasher breaks, but what I publish is totally within my control.  I don’t have my intended post ready, but I’ll improvise and share a letter I wrote to one of my friend’s sons.  This young man, (I’m calling him Lewis) (I’m not really calling him Lewis in real life.  He would be very confused.  Lewis is not his name) – where was I?  Oh yes.  “Lewis” is in Navy boot camp right now.  I don’t know a lot about boot camp, but one thing I do know is that getting mail is a morale booster at a time when morale could use a good leg-up. Raising morale is something I can get behind, so I offered to write to him.

Now, Lewis’s mom (I’ll call her Carthusian.  She knows why), is a really good friend, but life has conspired to keep us many, many miles away from each other for the bulk of our friendship. While I did meet Lewis a long time ago, we really don’t know each other.  That made the letter writing somewhat challenging.  What resulted follows below.  Names have been changed, of course, (except for the dogs, Rigel and Atlas).  I did not name any of my children Angus.  Well, I did here, but…yeah.  You know. Oh, and “Max” is at the Air Force Academy.  Go, Air Force.

One final note, before we go into the letter itself:  Rolling caissons are great too, and we approve of always being ready.  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard…your service really is appreciated.

I hope Lewis enjoyed his letter, and I hope you do, too.  Brightest blessings, Sunny

Dear Lewis,

Welcome to your first letter from your mom’s crazy friend!  There’s no way you remember me, and I remember you from your stroller days, so let’s just start fresh, shall we? I was born the son of a share cropper…no wait.  That was someone else.  I was born the daughter of an Air Force officer.  So, as you’re Navy, that could be a strike against me, but we can stand on the common ground of being AF brats, yes?

I met your family in Germany. Your brother, Seamus, and my oldest son, Angus, were in the same kindergarten class.  Your mother’s first memory of me was me calling her name from my car and telling her to tell Angus I was looking for a place to park and that I was going to be there as fast as I could.  She had no idea who I was, or who Angus was, for that matter.  Fortunately for me, she decided I was worth knowing and not merely some creep-oid who had somehow learned her name.

When your dad’s duty station was changed to San Antonio, I was sooooo sad because your mom was, without a doubt, my best friend in Germany.  I’m not sure when I found out she sent out an email every weekday to various family members but I asked if we could do the same, and here we are,*cough-mumble* years later, still doing that.

Last month, I’m sure you heard, I visited your home.  It was a fantastic visit and so fun to meet your siblings, Miles, Seamus, and Lydia, as young adults.  I missed you and Max, though. Rigel and Atlas tried to make up for it, but it wasn’t the same.

I don’t work outside the home these days, but I am working on a blog that I hope will reach as many people as possible who want to know about ways to be happy in their lives.  It might sound pretty boring to write a blog, but I love writing.  I have also discovered that there is a LOT of work involved in running a blog as a business.  I mean, a lot.  I’m not what you might call business savvy, so there’s been a pretty steep learning curve.

I probably know more about you than I know that I know, but even at that, I don’t know a whole lot.  I do know you don’t have loads of time to sit around writing letters to people you’ve never even met and I don’t expect mail back (unless you are just so fascinated about the blogging industry that it’s keeping you awake at night.  We don’t want that).

My knowledge of the Navy is similarly limited and I’m not sure what made you choose to go that route, but just remember this slogan that my husband’s Navy ROTC friends printed on t-shirts:  US Navy – it’s not just a job, it’s a job on a boat.

Being a public figure (that’s what my facebook business page classifies us bloggers as, is public figures) I know this good, solid rule of being a figure, publicly.  Leave ‘em laughing.  I shall therefore conclude this brilliant missive with one of my all-time favorite jokes.

What is the difference between a hippo and a Zippo?  One is really heavy, and the other’s a little lighter!!  (ba-dum-tisssssss)

You have a lot of people pulling for you.  Be well!  Love, Sunny

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