As I was writing out my affirmations this morning, I had an interesting insight. My dog, Rachel, who is definitely NOT spoiled as you can see, was up on my lap. In order to be able to write I either had to put my notebook on top of her, which would have made her jump off my lap, or put the the notebook on the arm of the sofa, which is what I did. Having it up there, I had to twist my body over to the left which tweaked my back in an uncomfortable and painful way. The sofa’s arm is nearly shoulder level for me, and being on my left side (and I, being right handed), it caused me to curve my arm more than halfway around my body.

So there I sat, contorted over to the left, my arm at or above shoulder level, writing in this awkward and painful position, all so as not to cause the dog to leave. Obviously, I should have shooed Rachel off so I could sit normally and hold my notebook in my lap. My back would not have hurt. My shoulder would not have hurt. My writing would have flowed more freely. I could have concentrated on my affirmations more fully. Why didn’t I do the obvious and boot the dog?  Because it served me to keep her there.

Rachel is warm, and soft, and cute. She was a comforting weight on my lap. It felt good physically and emotionally to have her there. Since she is not generally a lap dog (she is more of a shoulder dog), I felt somehow special that she had chosen to share this space with me.

This is how it works.: We are in a position in which we are uncomfortable — perhaps a job that is unfulfilling, a relationship that is unfulfilling, a college major that is unfulfilling. Obviously we should move toward something that feeds us and brings us joy. So often, we don’t. It’s because these situations serve us in some way. It’s familiar; it’s secure; it earns you approval from the people who matter to you.

The next time you find yourself complaining about your job or hating your major, ask yourself, “How is this serving me?” Look deep. Then decide consciously if you would rather change or stay the same. Neither decision is inherently wrong, but either way you will be more in control of your life and feel less victimized when you have made a choice, rather than feeling life is just happening to you.

Own your power, and use your power.

Namaste, my peeps.