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People are good. Let’s keep doing that.

What you believe, you become.  What are some things you believe about the world and the people in it? I believe there is good all around us.  From the kid who held the door open when your hands were full, to the firefighter who went back in for the family pet, to your best friend who listened to you tell that story for the hundredth time, people are good.

That being said, I also believe it is much easier for a single person to bring a great evil into the world than it is for a single person to bring a great good into the world. Therefore, it is critically important for us to bring as many small acts of good into this world as possible in order to create the kind of world we want to live in.

Also of critical importance is bringing our attention to the good stuff. Take note. Thank people. Tell others the story of what happened. When you make a point of noticing it, you’ll see that kindness is everywhere, every day.

Whether or not you hold with the Law of Attraction, look at it this way:  Who are you more likely to be kind to?  Someone you think is good and kind, or someone you think is rude and selfish?  The more you think people suck, the less motivation you have to look out for people who aren’t specifically your people.  When you start seeing the good around you, it’s easier and more automatic to behave the same way.  Some days the kindness train will start with someone else and some days we each need to be the one to start it rolling.

People are good. We need to do everything in our power to spread that message because mainstream media makes money from fear. We don’t need to be afraid all the time.

“People are good”. Let’s keep doing that. Brightest blessings, Sunny

I would love to hear your stories about good people you have encountered!  Leave a comment or email me!

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