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Some days the path chooses you.

I am lucky to belong to and moderate a group on Facebook called The Gratitude Project. It was developed by my friend, Michele. Every day I try to post at least three things for which I’m grateful. Some days it is less than three, some days more, some days none at all. I will admit to struggling with this concept on the harder days. When the tough times hit, I often have to re-frame a challenge in my life until it becomes something for which to be grateful. For example, “I am grateful for migraine medicine.” Yes, it can be viewed as complaining about my migraine, but within myself, I truly am searching for something good in the situation.

Today I had a webinar that left me very discouraged about promoting my business. In it, I learned that, even of the people who have liked my Facebook page, no more than two percent of those people see what I post, and that the more promotional sounding my post is, the lower that number goes. While I did receive some tips from that webinar I was not uplifted by it.  In fact, I was lower than a snake’s belly, as my mother sometimes says. Anyone who has ever started a business knows you go through moments of doubt and wondering if you are on the right path. What am I saying? EVERYONE goes through those moments. Perhaps they come more fast and furious when you’re trying to make an income with that path, but we all know the feeling.

After sitting around and feeling sorry for myself for a while (Yup. Really did this. Not proud of it, but I own up to it.) I moved on to my next webinar. This one was one of a series of three on manifestation.

For those of you not super familiar with manifestation, it’s not just a case of thinking of something you want and having it show up on your front doorstep.  It’s also not just for the woo woo type.  If you take the “woo” out and look for scientific studies on the principles involved, they are there in plenty. This is an entirely different blog post, however.

While I am not new to the idea of manifestation, there is always more learning to do, always more growing, lather, rinse, repeat.  By the end of this webinar, I was reminded that I had missed my gratitude posts today. I was reminded that gratitude is an essential ingredient, not only of manifestation but of happiness itself.

Here are my gratitude posts of today:


For an informative webinar.

That I have the opportunity to “try again” again and again.

That I always have the option to take a different path.

I am no longer lower than a snake’s belly. I don’t know where I’m going but I trust that I’m headed where I’m supposed to be. My business will take off or something better will happen. I’ll learn the ins and outs of Facebook marketing or a new way to spread the word of my work will come my way. Some days you choose the path; some days the path chooses you.

I would love you to join us in The Gratitude Project. I love seeing what makes people grateful. Say hi to me while you’re there. Invite your friends. Or don’t. But please take a moment to call to mind something that makes you grateful. The less grateful you feel the more important it is. Really.

The basic description of The Gratitude Project is as follows:

“What made you happy today? What are you thankful for? The premise is simple: the more grateful we are, the more we focus on our blessings, the more happy, content, and grateful we become.” She goes on to say, “Not feeling very grateful right now? It happens to all of us. It’s my hope that this will be a place where those who are joyful can rejoice, and those who are struggling can be encouraged. So share what you are grateful for, or just read what others are grateful for and see if you find something you relate to. Post as many or as few things as you like, as often as you like.”

Bright blessings upon you all!

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