I have writer’s block. You may be picturing me sitting at my computer staring at a blank screen, but in reality I’m sitting at a computer with a thousand tabs open and notes scribbled down here there and everywhere. I have TWENTY drafts started, and that doesn’t include all the ideas I have written in various places, let alone the ones that haven’t made it out of my head yet.

“This isn’t writer’s block,” you may exclaim. “This is the opposite of writer’s block! Start typing, woman,” you may exclaim.

Let me explain this particular block:

In my journey through the ups and downs of life, I have learned a lot of techniques that have helped me with anxiety, depression, overwhelm, growth, and generally improving the quality of life. I try things, I tweak them, I read about them, I learn about something else along the way, and I check that out, too. Yet every time I start to write about an idea I have for a post, I find myself down the rabbit hole of research in order to provide anything other than my opinion. All of these ideas have become part of my natural way of thinking, but I can’t necessarily tell you why I think any one particular thing.

Undoubtedly, I could dig in and write a post on one of those topics, polish it up, and hit publish. One of the most important steps in running a successful blog is being consistent with posting, so doing exactly that is an incredible temptation. Something is better than nothing, right?

Yes, and no.

Writing a blog with a specific purpose (rather than sharing my thoughts on whatever thoughts come to me on any subject) is a new endeavor for me. Any time a person embarks on something new, there is a learning curve. Making progress is critical but progress presents itself in different forms. There will be days you work and work with only make a little progress to show, and other days you will make progress by leaps and bounds, seemingly effortlessly. Still other days you will do what I have been doing: You will think you have stepped on a direct path to your desired location and suddenly realize you are on a convoluted path to who knows where!

Only those who wander find new paths.

Norwegian Proverb

Berre den som vandrar, finn nye vegar.

You may be wondering why I wrote that again, but in Norwegian. Repetition is a literary technique used to emphasize a point. Writing it in Norwegian adds an exotic twist that could help gain the attention of the reader. While these are spectacular reasons, in reality I only did it because I think it looks really cool written in Norwegian.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me and my idiosyncrasies a little better, allow me to return to the question, “Something is better than nothing, right?”

As illustrated above, sometimes something can be, for all intents and purposes, meaningless. In the case of publishing a post on a subject I truly believe can help improve your life, be it through an action, or a thought, something is NOT better than nothing if it comes off as merely an expression of my opinion. If you knew me personally you might be inclined to take advice from me just on my say-so. However, savvy users of the internet are aware that a person can write anything they want and publish it as fact. (Unsavvy users are the ones who keep the savvy users searching for a link on Snopes.com to share in an effort to stop “fake news” from spreading.)

Putting out posts on even the most important topics makes exactly zero difference if people aren’t inclined to believe what has been written. For this reason, I am taking a two-week writing hiatus. During this time, I’m finally going to chase down some of those rabbits.

This is going to be an extensive period of reading which is a mixed blessing for me. I adore reading, and learning, and following the twists and turns that knowledge-hunting inevitably brings. The other side of that coin is that I’m going to have to wrestle (probably over and over) the demons that tell me this isn’t work if I’m enjoying it; that this isn’t work if I’m not getting paid for it; that I am selfish for asking for help doing things around the house, ESPECIALLY because I dislike housework and I do like learning, and writing, and helping people.

The work I’m doing is important. In my own little corner of the internet, I’m fighting to save the world by saving people from the pain that passes from person to person, generation to generation. So, I’m putting on my demon-wrestling gear (currently a tunic, leggings, and wool socks) and I’m going to split my time between demon wrestling and wandering through rabbit warrens.

In the meantime, I wish you the brightest of blessings. ~Sunny

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Photo courtesy of Brian Williams