There’s nothing like writing a blog to totally empty your mind of anything meaningful. It ought to be taught as a meditation aid, really. “Just write about whatever is on your mind–what are you thinking about?”  “Uhm…nothing at all.”  “Excellent. Now focus on that. Ommmmm.”

To be honest, what’s on my mind is more everything than nothing. If I had to get specific I would say my mind is on clutter. Life has a lot of stuff.  It’s hard to know at any given moment where to turn your attention. Everything demands it and RIGHT NOW is not too soon, thank you very much.

Nevertheless, I am trying to get the clutter in my life under control. I feel fettered by a lack of time to address it, yet as guided by author and feng shui expert Tess Whitehurst, I am beginning to wonder if I have time not to conquer the beast. At one point in the relatively recent past, I got good and tired of the random collection of stuff on my fireplace mantle. As I sit on the couch, I face the mantle and all of that visual noise was just too much. I got up and sorted and dusted and put away and arranged until my mantle was just so. While the occasional stray item still ends up there, it is usually whisked away promptly and the mantle restored to its now normal state. It’s delightful.

In my home, one teeny-tiny place at a time is falling in line with this pattern. My dresser in my bedroom is a thing of beauty in my eyes and makes my bedroom a haven to me. The rest of my house, well, I’ll call it a work in progress. That’s it. One of my favorite memes reads, “My housekeeping style is best described as ‘There appears to have been a struggle.’” The kitchen counter has a filing shelf over-filled with papers. The sunroom has bulbs I’m sure I’ll never plant. Don’t even ask me about my basement.

I know the theory. Three boxes or bags: Keep, donate, pitch. If it’s not beautiful or useful get rid of it. If it’s not yours, it needs to be handled by the owner. Today I’m in a throw-it-all-away mood. I may or may not regret clutter-busting today, but I’m going in.