I had every intention of writing a meaningful post about holiday get-togethers.  In fact, I have quite a number of words in a draft on my computer.  You might wonder why I’m not going with the work I have already put in rather than starting afresh.  Well, my friends, there is a very good answer for that: the one unifying element of that post is its complete lack of coherency.

Last Friday I had surgery to help correct the sleep apnea with which I was recently diagnosed. Ever the optimist, I brought my iPad and keyboard to the hospital to work on this post while I was laid up.  Hahahaha!  Yeah, they never left the backpack.  I could detail the number of times since then I have sat at my computer writing, cutting, pasting, adding, and subtracting in an effort to create something meaningful for you, but I shall spare you.  Between recovering from sedation, the pain medication I was prescribed, and general fatigue, I shall only say my writing was not a thing of beauty.

It suddenly occurred to me that I was not walking my talk.  From the outside, it was clear that I need to give myself time to rest and recover, but my inner self was insisting that since this surgery was “only” an hour long, there should be no problem going about my regular activities.  I was pushing myself beyond my current abilities and ignoring the plain fact that they are not what they usually are.

Still, it is important for me to offer up something as tomorrow is Thanksgiving. While I know Thanksgiving is not always the joyful event we wish it could be, taking time to be thankful for anything that brings us happiness allows us to enjoy it anew. (If you are going through a difficult time, here are some ways to find a place of gratitude.) In the picture for this post you see me, my father, and my grandfather at Thanksgiving around 1980.  For me, that was a very happy holiday.  The worst part of the day was when my grandfather said the food was musty.  How offended I was on my mother’s behalf! “It was not musty,” I declared, leaping to her defense. With glee in his voice and a twinkle in his eye, he responded to my indignation by saying, “Yes it was. I MUST have some more.”  Ha!

My days post-surgery have not gone the way I had planned. I have had to come terms with limitations I was not anticipating. Still I have a great many things to be grateful for, including sharing the upcoming holiday with much of my family and two young men who are dear to us.

I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving.  I wish for you days where the worst thing that happens is falling for a joke you’ve never heard before.  I wish for you people in your life who are worth defending and those who will defend you if needed.  I wish for you “musty” food and plenty of it.  I wish for you much remembered happiness and many happy times to create new memories.  Happy Thanksgiving.

Brightest blessings, Sunny